bk_about_usWho we are and why we love what we do…


The first ever teepee i created took 8 weeks of sewing. I wasted 20 metres of fabric and spent weeks designing and redesigning my teepee pattern. Finally my pretty pink teepee stood tall and became the home to my little girl who ate her breakfast, lunch and dinner in there – i had a hit!

Just For Tiny People was born 3 months later when i was finally brave enough to post a picture onto my facebook page. Within 1 week we reached over 1000 followers, 29 months on we have 190,000 believers, reaching 2.5 million big people a week.

Just for tiny people has become the home of magical hideaways, everything we create has a tiny person and a big person! at the heart of what we do.

Every product we create inspires us to believe in magic, encourages us to laugh and to provide our children with a magical place they can call their own.

With beautiful fabrics to choose from, each Teepee is individually stitched and made with love and care. Everybody has the option to customise the design and the attention to detail has been commended by many of our amazing customers.

We pride ourselves in creating 100% British handmade products. Our JFTP sewing fairies are hiding away throughout the UK, busy creating magical products for your tiny people.

Beautiful floor mats and comfy, soft cushions are also available to buy separately. Giving your tiny people the ultimate luxurious, magical hideaway.

Lots of laughter and a sprinkle of happiness and magical dust are all included. Dont forget a big person can fit inside too!

I hope you love our magical hideaway’s as much as i do.


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